burnout tecnicos

 Training for professionals who work with population in need

–         Burnout – context, what is it, characteristics and consequences;

–         Anxiety and stress – how it manifests; anxiety evaluation;

–         Anxiety – relaxation techniques;

–         Resilience – capacity to overcome obstacles;

–         Communication and interpersonal relations;

–         Individual sessions (optional)

Working with people in need may often be wasting and frustrating for technicians, since the intended objectives and results aren’t always met, which generates a feeling of anxiety and helplessness.

The difficulties of today’s socio-economic context also generate symptoms of anxiety which often become dysfunctional and in more severe cases, incapacitating.

These training sessions will allow technicians who work with this kind of population to understand the concept of burnout, as well as how it manifests and its consequences; to understand anxiety and how it manifests and to gain competences to deal with anxiety, favor interpersonal relations and develop assertiveness; as well as intervene in individual cases.