office employeesServices for workers

•Prevention of work related injuries or impairment, through the evaluation of work stations, as well as of the adopted routines and procedures, followed by the implementation of changes aiming towards workers protection.

•Development of  training programs to motivate the workers to adopt risk reduction strategies while using equipment, namely notions of joint protection, ergonomics, posture, pain management, among other factors.

•Development of training programs, namely for flexibility/ posture/strength that allow the improvement of physical condition, therefore contributing to the reduction of the repercussions of work in the worker’s health and quality of life.

•Support worker and company in case of professional reintegration following an injury.

• Support worker and company in case of integration of handicapped or impaired workers.


Reduction of work related injuries and discomfort;

Reduction of absenteeism;

Reduction of costs with medical leaves and staff replacement;

Reduction of insurance related costs;

Improvement of the relationship between worker and company;

Improvement of productivity.