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Services for users of charitable organizations and other institutions

●Everyday activities

Maintaining remaining capabilities and recovering/stimulating latent capabilities to perform everyday activities in order to promote independence/autonomy.

●Cognitive training

Stimulation of cognitive components, namely attention, language, reasoning, concentration, memory, planning, organization and space/time orientation.

●Promotion of motor skills

Strategies aiming at the improvement of fine and global motor skills, balance, lateral dominance, movement amplitude, posture, muscular strength and resistance and maintained effort.

● Promotion of sensorial competences

Touch, smell, taste, vision, hearing.

●Appreciation of reminiscences and personal identity

Personal, professional and family values and beliefs, preferences, dislikes, facts.

●Promotion of emotional and affective expression competences

Development of productive and leisure activities adequate to personal preferences (writing, painting and other techniques)

●Personalized counseling for caregivers and family members

Training and training incentive of everyday activities, creation of healthy routines, organization of the house or other environment, having time for yourself, notions of how to empower instead of replacing, caregiver’s burnout, strategies to deal with cognitive deficit).